The weather is getting colder and the colour of the trees has turned. Leaves cover the ground and a sense of sadness accompanies the shortening days.

I enjoy wearing heavy coats,  gloves that I’ve warmed in the microwave, sitting by an open fire, a warm roast dinner, watching candles flicker in the night breeze, hot chocolate, melted cheese on toast, rain on a tin roof and Christmas in July.

It can be difficult to get out of bed but when a weekend trip to the country is on there’s no holding me back.


7 thoughts on “WINTER CAN BE WARM

  1. Oh but Sean, even if Fall, it is still such a lovely place where you live. Such incredible variety. And knowing yet so little as I do, suspect you have one of the best places for yourself at Dolls Point and Botany Bay. A real paradise of sorts!

    And the countryside you share with us is lovely too with its small roads through the rolling hills. Just how far did you need travel from home to get to where you took these pictures Sean?

    And traveller as you seem to be, have you much been to the corners of Australia? Melborne’s close, but how about Perth or Darwin too? Just being nosey my friend. Maybe you can tell me over one of your log fires and something to eat and drink? I’m starting to get itchy to see the sea again. Best, Neil

    • Hi Neil,

      I took these photos when I was down in the southern highlands about 120ks from Sydney. I was near a place called Robertson.

      This is where they made the movie Babe in 1996 and it’s also the largest potato-growing district in our state.

      Sydney is about 870 kilometres from Melbourne 4000 from Perth, 980 from Brisbane and 4300 from Darwin. (1000 kms is about 620 miles.)

  2. Beautiful country photos…worth getting up for, non?
    And yes, I’ll remeber your wintry words when I get to December, especially the gloves in the microwave part…never done that!

    • Hi Ronelle
      Just got your email on ‘Grilled Charentaise melon’ looks just beautiful. I’ve never thought of putting it under the grill.

      In Australia we call it rockmelon and in summer do ‘Prosciutto wrapped in rockmelon and bocconcini’

      Cut rockmelon crossways to make 24 small wedges. Place 1 slice bocconcini on each melon wedge. Wrap 1 slice prosciutto around each. Arrange on a serving plate. Drizzle with oil. Season with pepper and serve.

      I also love rockmelon filled with ice-cream and berries………..yum yum.

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