It’s early Friday morning in the northern New South Wales town of Tenterfield. Tenterfield is about to awake from a clear crisp winter’s night to enjoy a warm sunny day and I have just awoken to the fact that I have left my credit card at a petrol station some 93kms back in Glen Innes. I guess my credit card and I are destined to have separate holidays. 

Tenterfield is 18kms from the Queensland border atop the Great Dividing Range and is one of the most beautiful of Australia’s early towns. Whilst we are all caught up in the change of Prime Minister saga that’s going on in Canberra  it’s worthwhile to note that Tenterfield has its own unique place in Australia’s history. 

In fact you could call it ‘The Birthplace of Our Nation’ because this is where Sir Henry Parkes delivered his famous Federation speech in 1889 which led to the Federation of all the Australian States in 1901. 

It is also where Captain Thunderbolt operated as a bushranger in the mid 1880s and of course who has not been moved by the sadly beautiful song by Peter Allen, about his grandfather ‘The Tenterfield Saddler.’

I’ll ‘fight’ my way through the early morning traffic to make my way down  to Casino a picturesque rural town situated on the banks of the Richmond River.

The road will take me through open countryside, mountain scenery,  rainforests, waterfalls, pools, and then down to the beaches of the Gold Coast.



  1. beautiful pics of tenterfield, it is such a quaint little town, I spent some time there and I loved it. Is that frost on the road??

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