I’m 680Kms from Brisbane and still have a further 300Kms to get to my home in Sydney. The Beamer slides down the steep hill which leads off the Liverpool range to the valley below and the rural town of Murrurundi.

I’ve driven this route on many occasions in the last 25 years and almost always stop at the old Rose Café. Some six or seven years ago the old Rose Café gave way to a modern information centre set among the rich farming land  which cuddles up to the surrounding hills. This old cottage next to the cafe is just one of the many historic buildings in the town. In fact the whole village is heritage listed.

I order Turkish toast and jam and a flat white coffee then settle down at a table on the outside patio. It’s a cool morning with an agreeable breeze and  the warmth of the sun reflects off the polished stainless steel tabletop making it feel more than the 7 degree Celsius (44.7 F) winter temperature.

It’s a great place to just sit and relax so I close my eyes and let the warm rays take me from the frosty country morning back to the many friends and memories I’ve left in Queensland.

I sense history and the past rolling on but my feelings remain forever. It seems no matter which way I go in life I’m always leaving someone. It’s hard to say when the last tear will be shed and perhaps life’s one of those games you just can’t win. I’m told the answer is not to cry because you’re leaving but smile because you had the opportunity to be there.

I’m about 4 hours north of Sydney, I’m smiling and soon I’ll be back by the Bay.



  1. Think of it as the richness you have inside yourself, old songs sung and sung again. Whatever the feelings come are right for you. Yet left at the end with a smile of gratitude. And generous that you share with us!

    And you’ve shown us (shown me) much of a place and gathered lives that I’ll never otherwise ever see. Lovely reflections I now also have, and my thanks.

  2. I enjoy the way you seem to effortlessly weave your photographic talents with your reflective thoughts while acknowledging the important role of history.

    Keep up the good blogging Sean and I hope you reach home safely.

  3. Great photos. They please me very much because they showing something old which has not disapeared. Out house was interesting. I have never seen that kind of model.

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