I’ve been a bit busy over the last month and haven’t done any blogging.

I’ve watched the Wimbledon Tennis, The Soccer World Cup and now I’m resting on my canapé watching the Tour de France, only a few days to go.

The trouble is that living on the bottom of the world these events are televised live from 11 pm to about 2 am so I’m knackered and can hardly stay awake during the day.

Being a professional sports watcher is hard work.


7 thoughts on “TOUR de CHAISE LONGUE

  1. Welcome back Sean! You’ve been missed.

    But glad to know it has been in a good cause! Well, actually, that you’re fine is good enough news. I’m not so much into conventional sports, but that’s just more for you! Actually you got a pretty good spread by what you said.

    I might sometime later find a high place to take a view, as one of the few things that interest me, the next America’s Cup, I understand is coming to San Francisco. I’m not so much into racing but I love watching those big boats do their thing. I’ll probably need a nap! 🙂

    Enjoy yourself.

  2. Haha–who said pleasure was easy.

    Since I am a morning person, I tell the Mrs. that my dream place to live (well for many reasons) was Maui since the American football games start at 7 am–I could watch football all morning and still have half the day to be productive.

  3. Seems you really are tired…the evidence is in the fact that you are sitting on your snacks!!

  4. Having just watched the new “Alice in Wonderland” movie, while I understand your meaning Sean, still… the thought of a man sitting in his food just has some happy appeal, perhaps even the beginning of a poem too.

    l’homme qui est assis dans sa nourriture!

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