The north-east wind hitting the bow reminds me of the days on the green water and the tumbling seas.  I’m laying up awhile in this peaceful bay before I’m ready to go fishing again.

My hull’s been painted, the rudder’s been welded and the scars from the crustaceans recently scrubbed off are beginning to heal.

Soon my friends will be back on board enjoying the summer and together we will wander around the cool blue waters of the Port Hacking River.


4 thoughts on “THE FISHERMAN’S BOAT

    • Hi Nadezhda,
      Lovely to see you around again…I’ve been trying to set up an online business selling ebooks ..I’ve almost finished the site and hope to have it live in a few weeks…I’ve been doing movies , bike riding, fishing, having time with Tim and Courteney and of course ….doing coffee. I went to see Leonard Cohen and he was fantastic.

  1. I love this photo Sean. Place does make difference. I’ve been to desert, mountains, plains, yet they all miss that one thing – the ocean near. And right out the window here – to the bay or river, as it is, lovely.

    What are the purple flowering trees in the background here? Do you know? I like them too. (My winter is now begun, first couple big storms, although in this part of California, big ain’t really much big at all.)

    • Hi Neil…The little boat is just waiting to be taken out for a wander on the blue – green waters after spending the winter getting her strength back…..she’s ready to go……….The purple tree is a Jacaranda, they come from South America, ………..they flower in Australia from October onwards creating tree canopies that give the suburbs a purple glow during late spring.

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