It’s 8 am and we’re at Atwells Boatshed at Burraneer Bay on Port Hacking in Sydney’s south. We are just about to set off on a day of  fishing and adventure.


 It’s a beautiful November day. A light north East breeze gently tickles the water and the early morning sunlight creates mirror reflections of the resting boats.

It has a bit of history this place, being first explored by Matthew Flinders and George Bass back in 1796. They were returning  from exploring when the Tom Thumb II was caught in a strong storm. The crew was in grave danger, as they were caught between the forbidding cliffs and a tumultuous sea.

Luckily, as they struggled northwards with the storm they saw a gap in the dark forms of the cliff and took a chance that this was a safe anchorage and not more danger. The explorers soon found themselves in the sheltered anchorage of Wattamolla.

In the days after this lucky escape Bass and Flinders mapped and named Port Hacking. It is now a popular recreational area, where swimming, fishing and boating is enjoyed. We will soon be getting some of that enjoyment for ourselves.


4 thoughts on “THE BOAT SHED

    • Hi Slam,….I see it as my duty to keep you guys in the cold country warm during your winter…..I’l be outdoords swimming and fishing for the next few I’ll keep you posted

  1. How very deja vu, that boating shop! Seemed I’d been right there recently. Then remembered a small (mostly Norwegian) town some north of Seattle where I was recently, and there was a boating shop that I swear by memory looked so very much just like this place (Poulsbo by name). Suppose boats and water tend to make themselves somewhat the same in many places. The water, the boats, the low shoreline hills, actually they all look much the same. Very Nice.

    • Hey Neil, …Although I’ve not been active on the blog recently there is always room in my journey for you and my blog friends….Slamdunk…Timm…and of course Vicki……that’s why wherever we are we feel we can fit in.

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