On the way across to Bundeena to fish for whiting we came upon a stand up paddle surfer. This Hawaiian sport looks excellent and probably gives a great workout for your core muscle groups, while you’re having fun immersed in nature.

Skin glowing bright red from the sun, heads partly covered with caps, paddles drawn back and then repeatedly plunged into the water. Their bright yellow hulls head straight towards us.

Their mood and their gestures are unmistakable. The clear exuberance shown by these people is quite understandable, yes, they are having fun: for they are members of the Kayak Tribe from the Bundeena Kayak Hire Village.

We raise our rods in defiance and stand our water. We soon see them on their way and we return to our fishing.


4 thoughts on “THE KAYAK TRIBE

  1. Pant, pant! Guess I’m caught up for now… till… till you catch some fish for us to admire (someone hand me a fork!).

    Hope you have a long and happy summer filled with all the fish you care to catch and eat. Good to have you back Sean. ~Neil

  2. Ha, I always get stuck in a two-person kayak with someone who is not interested in rowing much–meaning it is an extreme workout for my upperbody to get back to shore.

    • Hi Slam ….I know exactly what your’re talking about….Daisy Chain and I went kayaking on the harbour a few years back and was in the same position as you…wundering if we’ed ever get back to shore…..we both thought we were rowing but we didn’t get much of a result

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