Where ever you are there is always somewhere to fish and that’s great because it’s fun when they’re biting and at this time of year there’s plenty biting in the Bay.

The Captain of our little charter fishing boat scours the Bay for signs of fish, looking for the tell-tale activity of the sea birds. But as we head out from Sans Souci on this pre-dawn Saturday morning all is quite. The red-eye of the sunrise is all that stares through the clouds that cling to the coastline.

The sea mist begins to roll in as we head out towards barrel 5 near Molineaux Point. They say this is where the action is. Unfortunately for us this is not  the case today so we pull up anchor and head out to sea to troll for surface fish.

We cruise along the edge of the rocky sandstone coastline past Bare Island and Henry Head to just off Cape Banks and it’s not long before we spot the bonito breaking the surface. They are at our mercy and eventually we all pull one in.

Well enough of that and back to tin can 5 and around Silver Beach and Watts Point where once again despite all our skill we were unable to get a strike.

We shoot off to the sand bar and rig for bream. Good move, we bag a couple of good size fish and an ocean salmon.

We use our last bit of  luck over near Towra Point and out best effort was the flathead caught by Dimitri.

All in all a pretty good day we bagged a modest haul of Bonito, Bream, Flathead, Tarwhine, Salmon and even an Octopus.



    • Hi Juicer…in the next few weeks I’ll become better at using the “faceplace”……so I’ll be able to keep up to date with my world. I’ll give you and address where you can see live web coverage of where I live.

  1. Good fishing friend Sean! Great pictures. Looks chilly, but I guess not by your choice of clothes. I’ll be happy to share the salmon with you especially. Yum! (Will there be pictures of eating the fish?!!)

    Too bad you let that big black one get away from you though. Maybe next time around. 🙂

    • Hi Neil………..actually it was warm..the sea mist just makes it look cold at 5-6 am. A little green charter boat leaves from the local wharf on saturday and sunday mornings and whoever turns up gets to have 6-7 hours of fun fishing. By the way, the fish tasted great especially the bream.

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