Early on Tuesday morning Sydney Harbour was the meeting place for two luxury ocean liners, the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth. I was lucky enough to have breakfast at my son’s place to witness the ships glide past his balcony.

Although the 5 30 am sky was grey it was spectacular with thousands on the harbour foreshores to see the Cunard ships accompanied into the harbour by a flotilla of spectator craft and water cannons being fired across their bows. As the two liners passed each other they sounded their horns which echoed across the harbour side suburbs.

The 294-metre Queen Elizabeth is Cunard’s newest ship, launched in October with the 345-metre, 151,400-tonne Queen Mary 2, being launched in 2004. The Queen Mary 2, the flagship of the Cunard fleet, is on a 96-night world voyage. 

The 2092-passenger Queen Elizabeth has 1046 staterooms on the art deco decorated liner, including 738 private balcony cabins. 

There are also 10 restaurants, 12 bars, upmarket shops such as Fortnum & Mason and two swimming pools. There is a library with 6000 books, a games deck with croquet and bowls, a two-storey ballroom and the three-deck Royal Court Theatre. 

Prices for the round world trip start at $US25, 529. You may send donations towards my fare to me at this blog and I will guarantee that, on your behalf, I will enjoy the voyage.


2 thoughts on “QUEEN MARY 2

  1. Do you take checks? Post-dated, by a year or two? 🙂 Maybe a telethon will put you over the top! Some creative marketing perhaps? Maybe even folks who don’t like you so much (hard as that is to imagine!) would chip in a few bucks to send you away on a slow boat around the world.

    A laudable ambition my Magellen friend!

    And lovely picture of that ship. All I got to see recently was some actual real snow (briefly briefly) while I was out of town, up Seattle way on the Pacific northern coast. Pretty too, but burrr…

    Thanks for doing the post Sean. ~Neil

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