Have you ever had that desire to see something, try something or go to a place just because you saw it in a movie?  Well I haven’t, but my friend has. So we set off in search of a tree.

Apparently this particular tree plays such an important character in the film, it took five location scouts and a search of over two years to find the one that was just right. Needless to say, the movie is called “The Tree”

After a pleasant one and a half hour’s drive from the Gold Coast, we were in the heart of the ‘Scenic Rim’ cruising along country roads set among stunning mountain and country scenery.

The cauldron-like volcanic valleys formed by the collapse of land following volcanic eruptions 24 million years ago shelter a huge diversity of rare flora and fauna, and subtropical rainforests. It’s just spectacular.

We didn’t exactly know where the Tree was so we wrote the map as we drove. We had no fixed plan; we were just intent on arriving at our destination.

The accommodation was a bit questionable but often the misfortunes of a journey that you can laugh about later makes the journey ever more pleasant.

We drove all over the district, up and down country roads looking for the tree. Well I reckon we found it, in the distance on a far-away hill. There was much debate because it didn’t look like it did in the movies, a debate I couldn’t contribute much to, as I have not seen the movie, but I have seen a lot of trees and this one looked every bit a movie star. It’s that big fig tree on top of the hill.

I know that for me the destination is never a place, it is the way I see things when I get there, and for me the tree in the distance was definitely  “The Tree”. Most days my imagination is more important to me than the truth.



  1. Nice find Sean. The tree reminds me of our area’s first fort that is now a forgotten historical site. There is a historical sign on the main road that summerizes the fort, but very few no where the location actually is–and the farmer who owns the property is just fine with folks not trampling on his field to look at the old trees.

    I hope you have been having a good summer.

  2. Most days my imagination is more important to me than the truth.

    That line, last line, a perfect pitch I think. Or is it a line I blur? That what’s imagined seems so real, and I suppose just because I’m standing so close to that source. Now the question, is it blessing, or not? Don’t know, honestly, but so it is and for me as well. Thank you for the story Sean.

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