I have just spent a fantastic weekend in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, attending the wedding of a friend of mine’s son to a most beautiful girl Elizabeth.

The cool clear days were full of the warm colours and the richness of the annual harvest. The vineyards and every hillside and valley of the Brokenback Range was full of love for the couple.

The ceremony was held in the Chapel of the Convent of Mercy Singleton which has been built in the shape of a Tau cross, a very ancient religious symbol.  The pews are set in collegiate style facing each other which created a spacious and uncluttered feeling.

The sanctuary area is understated with major paintings either side of the high altar and as you look up you see a barrel-vaulted ceiling with space enough to let the thoughts of your heart and mind float all the way up to heaven.

Whether I’m with the kindy boys, the Seanetts, the old men at Bartel, my blogging friends or the long-term friends from Brisbane, who I am with now, I know that when I’m with friends I’m in the right place.


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