I’ve been dreaming of this holiday for the last few months and now I’m counting down the time till when I’ll be doing it for real.

Originally I was going to have a holiday where I’d travel on my own but as circumstances have it I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends who were in London and had been dreaming of going to the south of France and walk the tracks Cinque Terre  in Italy. Our plans came together and we are to meet in Nice, France.

I’ve clocked up over 10,400 miles (16,700 kms) above the clouds during the last 23 hours 45 mins journey time on the Emirates flight from Sydney and now I am about to land at Nice airport.

The plan is to stay a few days around Nice, then drive to La Spezia in Italy to spend four or five days walking between the Cinque Terre villages. From there we’ll head up to Lake Como over into Switzerland, then back into France for about a week of driving to destinations of which we are presently unaware.

If I hadn’t met up with my friends I wouldn’t have had half the fun I did and I most certainly would not have had such a relaxing break.

And how was it done –well it was with discretion, consideration and compromise from all of us. Relax, everyone has their faults – we all snore, slam doors, are a bit untidy, are late or get overly uptight sometimes. Just let it all pass on by because whatever happens, remember you’re on holiday.


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