For the last couple of hours the Volley boys have been embracing the clutch, brake and accelerator to extract the most out of the 1461cc diesel motor of Renault Modus.

The race route began in Wassen on the Gotthard axis, where firstly we had to negotiate the boulders of the Meienreuss River gorge. And then it was onto the twistie and turning climb to the top of the pass.

We’ve passed cars and bikes and in turn we’ve been passed. We’ve taken tight curved turns and we‘ve shot in and out of dark tunnels. And at last we see characteristic peaks of the Fünffingerstock. (don’t laugh fun finger stock is a real word)

Ahead the road climbs again through more tight curves until we see a sweeping view extends over the vast basin of the Meien valley to the Sustenhorn. It’s time for a break.

We are somewhere around halfway up the Susten Pass on the edge of the snow line when the coldness of the alpine air begins to take hold. We come across a wonderful cafe, the Cafe Stustenbrueggli, and this is where we’ll have our break.

A motor bike affixed to the rock gives this place atmosphere and it’s a top spot for bikers and drivers to pull over, take a breather and watch the parade of motoring machinery race up and down the pass.

Noise glorious noise. It’s insane and I love it. It’s the sound of a Ferrari. I’m talking about the red speck you can see in the right hand side of the picture.

I hear a screaming come down the hill and for me there can be no better way to introduce a piece of motoring work like the Ferrari F430 Spider 2 door 2 seat convertible.

The acceleration and gear shifts are violent and one can only imagine what it is like to be a passenger heading down the Susten Pass.

I love the way it growls and screeches and from where we sit our ears take a hammering from the sound of the high revs. It is enough to scare grown men.

As it barks to a halt at the café you can hear every pebble crunch and succumb under
the 32.3 psi in the 225/35R19 tires. When the passengers get out you can sense the aroma of the tan leather and the gleam of the rossa corsa paintwork.



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