I went out for dinner with friends last Saturday night. We slipped over to Randwick, a suburb of Sydney to an Italian restaurant called Prima Luna.

I had a great time, as usual, and I really enjoyed my meal. For the main I had Rotolo di pollo con spinaci e fetta which is slow cooked chicken breast roll.

It’s filled with spinach and fetta cheese and comes with rosemary sauce, roasted potatoes and vegetables. It was just yummy.

But what was really great was the desert.

I shared a Nutella Pizza. Yes a pizza.

It’s a pizza base topped with Nutella, fresh Strawberries & Vanilla Gelato. It was just beautiful.

I lifted up my first slice. The warm melted Nutella caressed my mouth. The soft white creamy rich vanilla gelato made my lips gleam and the red flesh of the plump heart-shaped strawberries filled my palate with a burst of sweet succulent flavour.

I joyously ate more than my fair share and it was to be one of the most delicious deserts I’ve ever had.

I’m now totally addicted. I’m going to try to make a Nutella and ice cream sandwich.



  1. No wonder Australia has an obesity problem; people of your age need to pay more attention to their diet. Eating rich foods, causes extra weigh; too much weight leads to wear and tear on ones joints, especially knees. Next situation you’ll have to address is a knee [s] replacement! This depends on which knee used to genuflect on, when you went to church, in your youth! However Dolls Point Blogger I know you to be extremely fit handsome and healthy and still very attractive to women and I for one are jealous of how you have aged so well.

  2. The moon would be jealous Sean.

    The best of food just seems to find its’ way to you, but then I think it likes the appreciation you generously give it in return. Not a mystery! Lovingly savored and described my friend. Fitting too because maybe how else would we believe such an unexpected concoction as this – and good pictures too! No surprise coming from you.

    More happy good eating to you!


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