Our plan today is to drive from Wyler on through Switzerland and perhaps end up in France.

Light rain is falling as we set off from Wyler heading to Innertkirchen, Interlarken and on to Montreux, Lausanne then Geneva and into France.

I know it seems odd to describe the trip through Switzerland in one sentence but it’s a small country and the girls didn’t want to stop, mainly because they had no Swiss francs to spend.

To put it in perspective Switzerland is only about 350 km long and fits into Australia 186 times.

They say Australia has sheep and cattle stations that are thousands of square kilometres in area, with the nearest neighbour being hundreds of kilometres away.

In fact Anna Creek station, the world’s largest working cattle station is roughly 34,000 square kilometres, Switzerland has an area of 41,277 square kilometres.

So you can see Switzerland is a relatively small country. I’ve been to Switzerland many times and there is an awful lot to love about Switzerland and it’s just ridiculously beautiful. The Alps, the lakes, the forests, the incredibly neat fields and farms and the outdoors are just wonderful.

However the girls found something other than nature to seek out. They went on a unique shopping quest. The quest was to find the most effective anti-wrinkle cream on earth. According to their ‘back of the car’ conversation they knew what was the best anti-aging regiment they had ever tried and they knew there would be a fair chance that it would be in Switzerland.

I chose to believe them and for the record the cream is called Lacura Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream and its ingredients include Bioflavonoid and Coenzyme Q10 which, they say, is designed to suit all skin types. It is available at Aldi stores. In fact when it was marketed in Australia it was so popular it had to be rationed.

As we drove along Rue de Lausanne in Morges we spied an ALDI store. The search for the new miracle face cream was on in earnest.

Precious cream, precious cream they called as they ran into the store…..…the hunt was on.

The sad thing was that they couldn’t find the cream at the Morges Aldi store and in this part of Switzerland the girls’ broken Frencglish language was of no use. They came out with three bananas.

The rest of the trip from Switzerland to Grenoble, in France, was subdued but I understood the dark place the girls were in, for once you’ve used a product that you fall in love with, well, you just can’t go without it.


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