At last a day without rain. I could be mistaken for thinking it’s summer. We rode our bikes out to South Cronulla Beach as part of our training regime to get fit for the discovery weekend in Orange, from 23-25 March.

From Dolls Point the ride is about 12k. After crossing the Captain Cook Bridge, which has fantastic views, you just coast through the mangroves on the edge of the Towra Point Nature Reserve.

We then head on past the Shark’s footie field by the edge of the golf course and up the hill to Wanda Beach. From there we glide on down to Elouera, The Alley, Cronulla and to our destination; South Cronulla Beach.

Cronulla Beach is home to one of the original surf clubs of Australia, the Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club which was established in 1907 and it is here in the beachfront buildings that we pause for a coffee, a swim and a relax before heading home.



  1. This sounds delightful Sean. Thanks for taking us on a bike ride with you. It’s great to weave around on a slow bike ride, soaking up the views and splashing in the saltwater. Good soul food!

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