We leave Borenore and head back through beautiful farmland to Lake Canobolas. I have a short rest and then continue to the base of the volcanic Mount Canobolas, at an altitude of 1,395 metres (4,577 ft) above sea level; the base is about 950 metres.

No we didn’t have to climb 445 metres but we do have to conquer a category 3 climb from 959 metres to 1132 metres up Mount Towac but now I don’t know that or for that matter what a category 3 climb is either.

I cruise pass the turnoff to the Mountain Tea House thinking “why would I need a rest.” Then I see Pinnacle Road. Pinnacle, I say to myself, a pinnacle “……..adding to the loftiness and verticality of a structure………..” that’s when I see the sign above ” 6 kms of winding road.”

Then I see this sign. The road goes upwards and I enter the silence of the hills. I ride determined to make the summit, I never look up, I keep my eyes on the road. Push, push, push.

All of a sudden my wheels turn square, my legs fail me, my mind and resolve cracks and my ride becomes a walk. I’m off the steel stallion. I can’t ask any more from him. I grasp for breath, I drown myself with water, I wave to my fellow riders passing on by.

As I consult the ride notes and see that this hill isn’t even mentioned I hear the colourful bird life laughing at me which leads me to believe I wasn’t the first to get off and walk.

They say that Mount Towac, height 1350 metres, is a little rugged, I’d go along with that, but I did learn that I can walk uphill for nearly 2 kilometres and probably go faster than I can ride. Yeah, excellent views at the top, well worth the pain.

It is then a thrilling descent of 244 metres. I sprint kilometre after kilometre toward the town of Orange. I’m racing alone, wheels spinning around, my bike is my freedom.

Details ot the epic ride.


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