Hunting and gathering is an ancestral thing in my family and as a result, I myself, have long been a contemporary hunter gatherer, fisherman, supermarket shopper and agricultural producer. I rely heavily on this foraging activity and trips to the supermarket  to maintain my independent existence.

Way up on the balcony of my 2nd floor apartment I have become self-sufficient. It’s not a big deal this growing of strawberries because on the world scale, Australia is the 28th largest strawberry producer by volume, with the USA, Spain and Japan being the top three .

There are nearly 600 producers of strawberries in Australia and I’m the smallest of those.

But as you can see I rank very high in production efficiency, producing at least 11 strawberries off one plant, in one small tub, on one small table, on one small deck, in a suburb with a population of 1660 which does not even exceed its post code number, which is 2219.

Surely a highpoint for any above ground apartment gardener is eating your own berries, the ones you have nurtured yourself, they just taste sweeter. I love their herbaceousness, their ground-hugging habits and of course who can walk past their simple five-petalled blooms.

If only ice cream grew in the garden then I’d have the perfect present in a pot plant.



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