From July this year, you’ll need to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency if you want to practice alternate medicine in Australia. It seems that along with treatment, including acupuncture, cupping, massage services, the not so popular involuntary bike seat examination will need to be registered.

Bike seat examination, you ask? Yes, that’s when you hit a bump on our badly surfaced roads and are subjected to a surprise rectal examination by your bicycle seat.

Will this form of treatment need to be legitimized or is the Government over reacting as usual.

On a personal note I for one have had a prostrate examination, a colon examination and a throat examination, and on one occasion all three examinations in quick succession so I’m all for Government intervention.

Professor Ima Bikceat who is an authority on this subject said “Just say for some reason that this form of examination becomes popular, and lots of people want to use this unproven method, potentially an unsafe thing on themselves then that is their prerogative, I don’t think the Government should then say oh well, let’s regulate it then, and register all bicycle seats. I don’t think so”

Latest News

I have just been advised that the Government has clarified the situation and advises that the bicycle seat does not have to be registered as an alternate medicine practitioner as it is considered to be an alternate medicine implement.

It is the rider of the bike who has to register as it is they who are, even though involuntarily, the person conducting the examination. Therefore they are required to be a registered alternate medicine practitioner.


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