It’s 3 degrees with frost covering the grass. A 12 km/h east south-east breeze cuts across the start line as I head out of the hub riding from Orange to Millthorpe via Forest Reef.

From the canopy of trees emerges a clean frosty sunlight which sharpens my shadowy shape and I begin to chase my silhouette eastward toward Forest Reef.

I ride through vast country farm land, sneaking glimpses up private laneways that I imagine make their way to cosy country farmhouses.

Forest Reef a small hamlet, 10km west of Millthorpe, was a former gold mining village. It’s small today but in the past had 6 hotels.

After 35 kilometres I arrive at the 1840’s town of Millthorpe. It’s just like stepping into yesteryear with the charm of the old buildings still remaining.

I end the ride with a fabulous coffee and lemon meringue tart. It was a delicious combination of sweet pastry crust, lemon curd filling, and airy meringue and the coffee aroma perceived by the tongue made soaking up the warmth of the autumn sun in this beautiful country courtyard at the old mill cafe. It is a fitting end to my two-day journey.



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