The last few days have been foul, chilly weather, winds of 120kms, heavy rain and giant seas with dangerous surf conditions, but today winter has squeezed in a cracker: plenty of sun, warmth and little wind. And so off I go for a walk, and if you’re looking for a great walk then try the walk south along the coastal path from Elouera Beach to Flinders Point.

This exhilarating easy stroll takes you past the surf beaches of North Cronulla, Cronulla and then on to the smaller friendly beaches of Blackwoods Beach, Shelly Beach and Oak Park.

For the first part of the walk you are on the beachfront where you find yourself constantly stopping to join the crowds watching the board riders line up to catch their share of the clean 1-2 metre waves.

They say only a surfer knows the feeling but you can’t help but feel amped in your stomach when they paddle onto a swell then pop up to drop in and come down the face.

A seamless manoeuvre at the bottom sees the surfer carve up the face of the wave and then drop down just in front of the barrel. He is enveloped by a tube of water and spray and when he appears again he cuts back to the top of the wall to get air, does a 360 and then flicks off the back.

My friend Dennis says that apart from bikinis, being able to call everyone dude or bro, the best thing about surfing is that it is the most peaceful thing you will ever experience. He says it’s the silence you experience as you work the face of the wave.

A trip to the beach isn’t a real trip to the beach unless you see a VW Kombi.

From South Cronulla you walk along the picturesque headland of Cronulla Point toward Flinders Point which is the southernmost part of Cronulla. Today there’s a surf competition at the Point and it seems there might be a few greys having a go at it. Anyway they’re pretty good that’s all I can say.

I continue to my destination today and that’s Shelly Beach. This family friendly beach has a rocky shoreline, a large park and an ocean pool for swimming.

At the moment the rocky shoreline is the temporary home for a New Zealand fur seal. These seals often rest on the rock platforms at this time of year before returning to hunt in the sea.

The seal’s coat is dark grey-brown on the back and lighter below and when he’s sitting on the rocks he blends in so you can’t see him until you’re right upon him.

You can see he has a pointed face with whiskers, large eyes and sharp teeth. Although they look docile I’m told they raise their body onto their front flippers and can move surprisingly quickly and that’s when they use their teeth to bite.

As you would expect after we seal our friendship with our New Zealand visitor we move on to the local coffee shop.

Cronulla is located 26 kilometres south of the Sydney central Business district


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