A few blocks west of General Holmes Drive at Kyeemagh, and just south of the airport, is hidden a market garden which is believed to have been there since the early 1890’s.

There are acres of lovely green herbs and vegetables and a number of very old and interesting buildings.

It’s hard to tell just how old the buildings are but they seem to date from the late 19th century. What’s not hard to see is the amount of physical effort that goes into having a successful vegetable patch.

Constructed of weatherboard, sheet metal, split timber and sandstone brick the buildings seem to use all their strength to make sure they don’t collapse in a heap. But that’s their charm, just like in Rome, they seem to be in ruin but really are still functional and have been there for over a hundred years.

I bet some archaeologist would love to get his shovel and dig around the site to uncover the gardens’ history.


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