I can’t ride a surfboard but if I could I’d love to ride at Cronulla Point. The waves break over a rocky reef and produce long right handers which are always consistent.

I’ve taken these pics from the hillside pathway where hundreds of people walk each day so if your surfing is shit don’t ride here because if you get smeared out lots of people will see you.

Note: beware of  the rocks, the people watching and the sharks.

If you want to see the best real-time live surfcams go see cronulla point at

SURFit .com report 12 October 2012

Conditions are clean and offshore with good 3-4’rs from the SE. It’s full on the 6:30am high tide so the waves are slow on take off with open shoulders. There’s a good long shouldered right at The Wall then short L&Rs up beach.

The Point & Island are good but inconsistent. As the tide drops to the 12:30pm low it will get real good with the waves standing up more. But get on it as the S-SW wind is set to gust and blow it out.


One thought on “CRONULLA POINT

  1. I do appreciate and like this post Sean. It has a scale that’s intimate, approachable (although, not me personally… ). Surfing is a wondrous thing. Don’t know if you ever caught my post some while back – not a poem, but about those who make surfing a poem by their devotion and craft. If you didn’t, you might like to see, about big wave surfing, which includes several state-of-the-best-grace videos to amaze and delight and inspire (even if just to observe).

    When and if I get to live another life, I think I’d like to be a surfer that time. Maybe I’ll see you out there on a wave with me!

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