skiing at Igls Austria

skiing at Igls Austria

Monday. 19th December seven years ago today.

Today we were right up where they make snowflakes before they let them fall down to earth.

We shared the cable car ride with skiers and snow boarders who got off at 1990 metres we continued on to 2334 metres where we could see every roof top in Innsbruck (except the Golden roof which was too small).

The view of the city that lay below is really a bird’s eye and the Alps are so close you could jump over them, all this only 20 minutes from the valley floor.

The air was so cold that the tops of my ears began to tingle and Susan was getting frost bitten through her imitation Paris fur boots.

We returned back down the slope by cable car suspended above the gullies and steep faces of the hillside. Below us the snowies did their magic on the white carpet . It all looks so easy.

Tomorrow we attempt to conquer Patscher Kofel at 2300 metres.

Good bye

Sean Frasenhafen and Susan Reidenbecker

Patscher Kofel at 2300 metres

Patscher Kofel at 2300 metres

Tue 20th Wed 21st Innsbruck and Igls Austria

Good Morning

We conquered Patscherkofel and at 2300 metres it is the highest we’ve been in our lives (other than in an airplane). It was the mountain used for the Olympics and as you would expect the views over Innsbruck and the central valley are just spectacular.

Cable car ride

Cable car ride

To get to the top we took a bus and then two cable car rides. At the top we were treated to the clearest and bluest sky we have ever seen and now that we have a replacement camera we took a few pics but it’s hard to capture the full feeling of nature’s scene.

It’s so steep the trees don’t stand up, they lean against the hillside holding on to one another so as not to fall. The little guys towards the bottom who can’t hold on are cut down and sold as Christmas trees at the square in Innsbruck. 

those cold trees

those cold trees

At the very top is a little circular café, not much bigger than a lounge room. It’s perched on the edge of the ski run which takes you (if you can Ski) to the cable station which is 7 minutes, 5 kilometres and over 1400 meters below.

Circular café

Circular café

A round woman in her forties with a generous smile made us welcome so Susan and I get a table in the corner and have a coffee and hot chocolate. It’s amazing how a warm drink can make you feel so good inside and with the valley and mountain peaks in the background we knew the pilgrims had arrived at the White Christmas destination.

From the cable car station we walked back to the small village of Igls (pronounced like Eagles). It is so beautiful with the cute houses and the old church with a bright red steeple. We decide to move up from the valley below and spend our Christmas here.

looking back at where we stayed for our white christmas

looking back at where we stayed for our white christmas

Snow sits on every roof top, fence top, tree top, car top and ice clings to every point it can grab a hold onto. Our little hotel is at the end of a road that opens out onto a huge expanse that in summer must be a field but today is a blanket of fluffy white snow.

our street

our street

We are so looking forward to the White Christmas in Igls especially the traditional nativity play where farmers, shepherd boys and the “Holy Family” make their way through the village.

In case we are unable to e-mail over Christmas have a good one.

Have a Happy Christmas


Sean and Susan



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