Former Catholic Church

Former Catholic Church

Now I know what happens when everyone goes to heaven. Those of us that are left get to have lovely lunches and coffee in the churches that have been converted into coffee houses.

Church now Cafe

Church now Cafe

At Broadwater, Northern New South Wales, when everyone went to heaven the disused Catholic Church was turned into a café.

God's Coffee Shop

God’s Coffee Shop

The former church has been given a full facelift and is now known as “Our Daily Bread” café. It’s a great spot to stop when taking the coast road between Sydney and Brisbane or on your way to Heaven.

Coffee made in Heaven

Coffee made in Heaven


3 thoughts on “GONE TO HEAVEN

    • Hi Nadezhda…………….I hope you are not too cold over there and that your family and friends have a happy new year
      I’m sure there are other churches in the area, these are small country towns, the population is only about 430 people….this church was a disused Catholic Church………the building itself is heritage listed inside and out, I think it was built in 1925…………so this is a way to preserve history to make sure these buildings don’t become derelict.

      • Hi! It’s cold here :(. I want a bit of summer 🙂
        I just imagined how it’s be in Ukraine if somebody decided to make a cafe in a church building. People here prefer heritage buildings be abandoned than transformed into smth not connected with its initial purpose.

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