Bulli Rock Pool

Bulli Rock Pool

When the weather is wild the power of the ocean sends tons of watery waves crashing into the rock pools. It’s a great time to jump in and be thrown about by the foamy walls of water as they break over the sides of the pool.

The coastline of NSW has about 100 rock pools where you can take a swim. One of my favourite ocean pools is the Bulli pool, located at Waniora Point, Bulli, in Wollongong’s northern suburbs.

I had breakfast at the café above the pool last weekend just after sunrise and caught it at a picturesque softer moment.

A softer moment

A softer moment

I understand that the current pool was constructed in 1938, and is on a flat rock platform adjacent to an earlier, much smaller, tidal rock pool which had been cut out of a nearby rock outcrop known as Floyd’s Rocks.

The Floyd’s Rocks pool was constructed in 1903 just after the move to mixed bathing. It’s hard to imagine that until 1902 it was illegal to swim in the surf in daylight hours. How times have changed.


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