photo of caveToday we visited the Natural Bridge and the unique waterfall and waited till dark to see the glow-worms.

Small, brilliant pin head size lights decorated the ceiling of the cave. These creatures are not really worms but rather they are the larval stage of a small fly.

They mainly live in the rainforest or permanently wet caves. We waited until sunset and then the colony of thousands of glow-worms began to glow.

glow worms

I’m not sure what makes them glow but there is common belief it’s the sun shining out their bum.

I choose to believe this myth because it’s hard to be unhappy when the sun shines out of your bum. Sometimes I wish I was a glow-worm.


7 thoughts on “IT’S HARD TO BE UNHAPPY

  1. Hi Sean,
    I haven’t commented for a while, but this photo and particularly your final comment deserves one.
    Yes, it really is hard not to be happy with the sun shining out of your bum. I am so glad you have found the source of my general happiness.
    Cousin many times removed
    Cheryl Daniel (once Ablett)

    • Hi Cousin Cheryl….great to hear from you…..yes those poor little glow worm guys they are busy making happiness but only in the night time……….I always had more fun at night when I was younger….maybe I’m part worm…….I wonder if they have the occasional eclipse like we do

      love Sean

  2. What part of your country is that cave?

    Looks like a neat view; especially the night. There are several cave systems not far from us that we have visited and you can see the ceilings glow as well. I thought ours had a different explanation though.

    Thanks as always for letting us share in your adventure.

    • Thanks slam. The area is about 45 km northwest of Southport on the Gold Coast in the northern state of Queensland which is roughly a 11 hour drive from Dolls Point. I would love to see some pics of the ones in your area. Sean

  3. I wish I were a glow worm
    A glow worm is never glum
    It’s hard to be downhearted
    when the sun shines out your bum :))

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