flyingFoxSm v1

Grey-headed flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) | Photo: ©Shane Ruming

Due to the level of my fishing skill I have almost single-handedly saved several fish species from extinction. Having achieved this unheralded environmental success I’ve decide to direct my attention to a land based vulnerable species; Pteropus poliocephalus. Yes the Grey-headed flying-fox.

I agree they are noisy, smelly and messy but they have such cute faces. All they are trying to do is communicate with each other, especially between mother and baby.

I chose to care about grey-headed flying-fox because they are an Australian native species and are one of the best natural pollinators and seed disperses we have. They are also part of the food chain especially for owls and that’s important for the overall health of our environment.

So with my camera, torch, insect repellent and closed shoes this Saturday I’ll be attending a “Bat Awareness Evening” at the 2nd Gordon Scout Hall, 32C Rosedale Rd, Gordon (behind the grassy knoll, opposite Glenview St, north side of Rosedale Rd bridge).

Just after dusk I will view the fly-out…………there’ll be thousands of them heading off in search of food. Looking forward to a great night.


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