Farmers love the land they toil. Their challenge is to create a conventional food production business that maintains or reinstates the balance within the environment.

This is achieved by prevention of soil erosion, water infiltration and retention and by increasing biodiversity with multispecies cover crops, strip cropping, terrace cultivation, shelter belts, wetlands and pasture cropping.


Gary Kadwell has been working many years on his farm in Crookwell to achieve this outcome and, I, like the hundreds of other guests who visited his farm this weekend  were very impressed with what he has achieved.


Gary took us on an Eco-tour to show us  the sustainability features of his property. He has fenced off all remnant and regrowth native vegetation of snow gum and peppermint gum, which offer protection from the winds and frosts.



He has created an impressive and beautiful wet-lands area which is attracting a variety of bird life. He has even spotted a platypus.


His farm and his dream for conservation is just beautiful……..we all loved it.


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