I  just noticed a flash of colour, bright yellow. Daffodil yellow.

These little flowers of friendship have sprung up under the protection of the silver birch trees in the area where the stream bubbles by the house.


They are so beautiful among the greenest grass that has been seen for years thriving in the constant rain and sunshine weather cycle that is prevalent at this time of the year.

The gusty winds give them energy and they dance with joy against the backdrop of the blue sky.



3 thoughts on “YELLOW DAFFODILS

  1. You ol’ silver tongue, you. So nice to hear from you again. I am just as excited by finally getting to plant sweet peas (taken me over 30 years to remember the planting time) and after loosing the first lot of seedlings, the second batch has started to flower. Takes me back, many, many years, to my childhood. Memories…….

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