The air is sunny and the chill wind of spring-time blows from behind. The traveller arrives at the long rural driveway and he knows he’s at home.

The dark arms of the trees form a circling overhead and the tree-tops meet and greet each other. Flowers and grass spring beneath their feet.Well-worn tracks lead out to the pasture slope and up to the white country home. The horses stand in wait at the pasture fence.

City life dilutes my blood and dulls my thinking but I get relief when I stop to hear the voice of the wind, the livestock and the birds. In the peace my memory stretches back to earlier years.




4 thoughts on “COUNTRY DRIVEWAY

  1. My imagination is starting to run riot. What earlier memories have been stirred?
    Lovely looking property. Whereabouts is it located?

  2. So beautifully expressed Sean and I relate totally. My sister lives in those parts, and I love feeling just the way the way you describe – like breathing out in one big sigh. The morning chorus is something I look forward to at her place. I expect judging by the pictures, you would experience the same. Your photo of the track in warms my heart. Sort of like the anticipation of warm hugs and long comfortable silences over a cuppa. Enjoy!

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