Hi,  I live on the other side of the world west of sunrise at Dolls Point. It’s a small suburb by Botany Bay about 17km south of the city of Sydney, Australia.

I love doing coffee but I don’t do busy.  At present I’m crazy about bike riding, fishing,  writing and visiting the local cafe.

As I roam around where I live I try to capture  pictures of the earth, mountains, trees, rivers, beaches, oceans, sky, clouds and stars or any combination thereof. Whatever the weather, whatever my mood I take a picture of the world around me and post it,  and I do it just for the fun.



42 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Sean,
    thanks for visiting my blog – you’re very good – completing your homework from yesterday. Your site looks great – very professional – great work!!

  2. HI Sean,

    Love this website on wordpress. Was it difficult to create? I have just created a site on wordpress using bluehost (the same Laurel uses) and want try different themes etc. Will try to look at it this weekend.

    We are going up to Toukley for the long weekend for some quiet family time fishing, walks etc.

    Talk to you soon

  3. I’m not sure if I want to live by the coast or in the country side or maybe the country side beside the coast. I’m looking for my little corner of the world but it’s hard since the world is round.

  4. I’m always landing over at your place especially when I’m looking for writing tips and a top-up of my IQ… thanks for your comments on my phog (photoblog)…much appreciated

    • Thanks Jye for dropping in and your comments…….Sandringham… hey that’s real close…….I’m on the corner of Malua and Gannon……….I visited your site..man you are way up there……..I want to be a Blogpreneur so I’ll be over at your site often



  5. Hi Sean,
    nice meeting you tonight.
    I lived in Marrakech for six months and often drove to Essouira to eat sardines fresh off the boat. The best recepy is grilled sardines stuffed with garlic and parsley.
    A poet in finance, what a refreshing find.
    Ciao Alessandra

  6. Hi Sean,

    thomas here from Allsorts Gym, keep up the great work mate, looking forward to seeing the Photo’s of the Sydney to Gong ride on november 6th,


  7. Hi Sean,
    I came across your blog and enjoyed it and wondered if you were interested in becoming a Guest Blogger on our blog: http://www.weheartsydney.com
    Obviously, you can promote your blog, books or anything you wish. We have a Guest blogger button and under that I would upload a head and shoulders shot of you and a couple of sentences of backgroud/links you want etc. Then for the actual post you can write about what you wish as long as it’s got something to do with Sydney. Also, send me the photos you want to go with it and I will upload them.
    This can be a one-time thing or you can do it more often if you wish – you can also send our facebook page your links etc. I contacted you because I think your photos and thoughts about your part of Sydney would be a great addition and you’ll see our posts range from essays to information pieces so happy for you to supply whatever takes your fancy.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  8. Hi Sean, I couldnt believe that, when I googled Bedgerbong and Gudgery, that I would come across your adventure there and find the picture of my great great grandfather John Hodges (and for that matter his brother William). Can I ask — where did you get those photos and is that the best quality available of that photo??

    • Yes
      William and Harriet Hodges were my Great Great Grandparents on my father’s mother’s side.
      Their daughter, Ellen Hodges, b. abt. 1863, Bathurst, NSW is my Great Grandmother on my father’s mother’s side.
      Ellen married William Simon Fraser

      Sean Fraser

  9. Hi , I just came across your blog when searching for information on Villefranche Sur Mer and the Boulevard Princess Grace. My friend and I have just been to Monaco for the Grandprix and our tour manager took us along the Scenic route .. Isn’t it amazing. We spent a few hours there. Love your post about it. Anne

  10. Hello! I just stumbled across your photos and posts including the Barbe name. I’m a Barbe with some French roots … living in Texas.
    I’m also a writer. I love history, though. Maybe we are related! Just wanted to say hello.

  11. Love your blog! So happy to have a “connection” now to Sydney. We visited twice years ago, and are now in the process of planning a big trip to Australia in the next year or so. Happy spring!

  12. Thanks for replying. I don’t think I have any Peacock surnames in my family but will have a look see in the next few weeks! Mainly was asking about Bogabigal 🙂

  13. Geday Sean, I should have listened to you! I spent a day and night in Forbes Lockup. The owner of Williams house at Bedgeabong caught me pinching some of the house and trespassing.
    Oh yes, I did find the private cemetery of William and Harriet with no success. I was hoping to find something their daughter Elizabeth and her husband George Ablett. Cheers Russell.

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