nice rear end

You can see she’s really well-preserved and when this lady dropped by my place on the weekend all eyes were turning. They could not help but notice her beautiful rear and fantastic rack.

The guy upstairs asked “how old is she?”

“I’m not sure’ I answered “I didn’t ask  and she didn’t say, but I think she’s from the 70’s”

“A bit fast for you” he said

“Yeah not for the faint hearted, she eats VWs just ask Timm” I replied as if she was mine.

Just then the owner came along.

The guy from upstairs asks  “do you own her?”

The driver slowly slips in behind the steering wheel, takes a deep breath to get the full sweet smell of the leather and is caressed by the firm but gentle seat. We can see the excitement building as he buckles in and fires her up.

He then says “You never own or possess a Corvette it’s not possible, the best you can hope for is a trouble-free relationship with a red lady named Heaven” and with that he and his troubles vanish as he races away with her. We watch her rear disappear in the distance.


full frontal

i'm lokking good