the breakfast table

The farm girl Susan shouts “breakfast is ready.”

The cats run to hear the bubble sound of fresh milk being poured into the jug and the dogs dance around our feet jumping up to see the banquet and then obediently wait by the table with great expectancy. A CWA woman’s work is never done.




From July this year, you’ll need to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency if you want to practice alternate medicine in Australia. It seems that along with treatment, including acupuncture, cupping, massage services, the not so popular involuntary bike seat examination will need to be registered.

Bike seat examination, you ask? Yes, that’s when you hit a bump on our badly surfaced roads and are subjected to a surprise rectal examination by your bicycle seat.

Will this form of treatment need to be legitimized or is the Government over reacting as usual.

On a personal note I for one have had a prostrate examination, a colon examination and a throat examination, and on one occasion all three examinations in quick succession so I’m all for Government intervention.

Professor Ima Bikceat who is an authority on this subject said “Just say for some reason that this form of examination becomes popular, and lots of people want to use this unproven method, potentially an unsafe thing on themselves then that is their prerogative, I don’t think the Government should then say oh well, let’s regulate it then, and register all bicycle seats. I don’t think so”

Latest News

I have just been advised that the Government has clarified the situation and advises that the bicycle seat does not have to be registered as an alternate medicine practitioner as it is considered to be an alternate medicine implement.

It is the rider of the bike who has to register as it is they who are, even though involuntarily, the person conducting the examination. Therefore they are required to be a registered alternate medicine practitioner.


We leave Borenore and head back through beautiful farmland to Lake Canobolas. I have a short rest and then continue to the base of the volcanic Mount Canobolas, at an altitude of 1,395 metres (4,577 ft) above sea level; the base is about 950 metres.

No we didn’t have to climb 445 metres but we do have to conquer a category 3 climb from 959 metres to 1132 metres up Mount Towac but now I don’t know that or for that matter what a category 3 climb is either.

I cruise pass the turnoff to the Mountain Tea House thinking “why would I need a rest.” Then I see Pinnacle Road. Pinnacle, I say to myself, a pinnacle “……..adding to the loftiness and verticality of a structure………..” that’s when I see the sign above ” 6 kms of winding road.”

Then I see this sign. The road goes upwards and I enter the silence of the hills. I ride determined to make the summit, I never look up, I keep my eyes on the road. Push, push, push.

All of a sudden my wheels turn square, my legs fail me, my mind and resolve cracks and my ride becomes a walk. I’m off the steel stallion. I can’t ask any more from him. I grasp for breath, I drown myself with water, I wave to my fellow riders passing on by.

As I consult the ride notes and see that this hill isn’t even mentioned I hear the colourful bird life laughing at me which leads me to believe I wasn’t the first to get off and walk.

They say that Mount Towac, height 1350 metres, is a little rugged, I’d go along with that, but I did learn that I can walk uphill for nearly 2 kilometres and probably go faster than I can ride. Yeah, excellent views at the top, well worth the pain.

It is then a thrilling descent of 244 metres. I sprint kilometre after kilometre toward the town of Orange. I’m racing alone, wheels spinning around, my bike is my freedom.

Details ot the epic ride.






  Photo: AP smh 24 07 2011




.. .we can’t promise that you’ll become another Cadel Evans, but for fun and fitness you can’t beat cycling. . .bicycling that is!

Bicycling For Fun and Fitness

Have you noticed the scale tipping the wrong way lately? Maybe a recent medical checkup indicated that you need to get some exercise to counterbalance a sedentary
lifestyle; or, what about a fun family activity?

Look, if you are a chronic couch potato along with a sedentary occupation you need help. Whatever the reason you won’t find a better sport than bicycle riding.

Maybe you already realize the importance of keeping fit in today’s world. Many of us sit behind a computer all day and the only exercise we get is the walk from the parking lot to the elevator.

It’s no wonder we  are amongst the fattest people on the planet!  Does that sound harsh? Sorry, but it’s the  truth as many studies have proven.

The good news is that the situation is reversible and one of the best ways to get to work and slim  down is on a bicycle; and, “Bicycling for Fun and Fitness” can be the tool to get you started!

What’s in it for me? Just take a look at what’s covered in the ebook:

What types of bikes are available
Learn the different types of bikes and the pros and cons of each
What kind of cycling do you wish to do
Explore the different kinds of bicycling you can do
What is fitness cycling
How cycling can fit into an overall fitness program
Preparing to cycle
What you need to know before you begin a cycling program
Equip yourself
What do you need in addition to a bike for the different types of cycling
Setting up your cycling fitness program
Finding a good “routine” for fitness cycling
The right and wrong way to cycle
Did you know cycling can be harmful in some cases
Warming up and cooling down
Cross training
How to merge bicycling into a regular routine
Charting your progress
How to prepare a method to keep track of your progress
All about accessories
All the accessories that are available for specific types of riding
Nutrition for bicycle fitness
A good overall fitness diet
Bicycle Racing
Moving up to serious bicycling
Special Bicycles for Racing
Difference in bicycles for racing. . .weight, build, cost etc
How to train for bicycle racing

Who should be cycling?

Bicycling is a great activity to enjoy with your family. Even new parents have options for bicycling with special seats and strollers designed specifically for the little ones.

Maybe you have an exercise bike and that’s a good thing. But nothing beats getting out in the open air and pushing yourself; especially when you begin to see the results.

“Bicycling for Fun and Fitness” is up to date and contemporary with all the latest information. Not only discover answers to all the questions above, but if you are interested in racing, learn how to prepare for that as well.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to launch a new lifestyle of fun and fitness. “Bicycling for Fun and Fitness” takes away the excuses and leads you right where you










It is with great pleasure that I, Harry Handlebar, as President and Founding Member, of the Cyber Riders Club announce that the following Cycavatar has been granted full membership with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. 

The new member Bruced Balls is declared to be member no 10.

Bruced has made the transition from Real Road Rider to Cyber Rider in the last few days. His decision to transit was caused by a recent argument with the pavement which has given him a new face at a cost in excess of $5000. Not a bad job but he now needs a new passport and his young child thinks her mummy has a new boyfriend.

I am personally very upset for both Bruced and the pavement firstly because it was my old steed that Bruced was riding and secondly the pavement had recently been painted with new white lane markers which now have blood and scuff marks all over them. My thoughts go out to both of them.

I also take the opportunity to welcome our newly appointed Honorary Patron Kylie . The Honorary appointment and Honorary life membership coincides with her 40th birthday on 28th May 2009. Happy birthday Kylie.

No doubt Kylie got her great rear end from the many hours she has devoted to cyber cycling. You too, in time, can achieve that look. Go visit Kylie she is the best.

Current membership

  • HON PATRON  and Hon Life Member   KYLIE
  • Harry Handlebar member no 1
  • Daisy Chain member no 2 
  • Tim Tyre member no 3
  • Court Racing member no 4 
  • Northern Bell member no 5 
  • Anna Spanner member no 6 
  • Dennis Downhill member no 7 
  • Pat Puncture member no 8 
  • Ian Innatube member no 9
  • Bruced Balls member no 10

 Yours from the desk with wheels.


PS: Pavements are generally hard arsed.

 © 2009 simple and easy information





Over the last few days great interest has been shown in the Cyber Riders Club. There has been a sprint for new members to join up. It is therefore with great pleasure that I, Harry Handlebar, as President and Founding Member, announce that the following Cycavatars have been granted full membership with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. 

Some simple and easy information  (An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself/herself or alter ego. A Cycavatar is the ego associated with a Cyber Cyclist.)

Current membership

  • Harry Handlebar member no 1
  • Daisy Chain member no 2 
  • Tim Tyre member no 3
  • Court Racing member no 4 
  • Northern Bell member no 5 
  • Anna Spanner member no 6 
  • Dennis Downhill member no 7 
  • Pat Puncture member no 8 
  • Ian Innatube member no 9

 Yours from the padded seat


PS: Watch out for dogs




I am the President and only member of the “Cyber Riders Club”. If you want to join, membership is free, just include your e-mail address with your comment or useful tip and you will receive your exclusive membership certificate.  

I respect your privacy and will never share your email address or seat size with anyone.

The club’s first cyber-ride will be Sunday 24th May building up to the big Spring ride in September. visit this link http://www.springcycle.com.au/    You can enjoy a fun bike ride while raising money for MS Australia and the Oncology Children’s Foundation – the event beneficiary charities!

Some useful tips for when you are riding.

  • Wear tight clothing
  • Avoid getting rash
  • Be sure that you and your bicycle is in good working order
  • Don’t ride in heavy fog.
  • Don’t make sudden moves.
  • Don’t wear earphones, gramophones or telephones.
  • When passing another cyclist on the road, make your presence known by yelling out as you approach.
  • Do not yell too loud as they might fall off in front of you.
  • Practice changing a tube at home before you encounter a flat on the road.
  • Be extra cautious in passing parked cars. That door just may swing out into your path.
  • Carry a snack for when you loose energy. Hint: energy bars, fruit, raisins and fruit bars work much better than candy bars.
  • When you stop chain your bike up for security, but not to moveable objects. 

Yours from behind the handle bars


PS: keep off the footpath

©  2009 simple and easy information



The cafe is empty and the cold rain is falling. No need to fight for a seat here.  

The people in my neighbourhood are all rugged up  in an attempt to keep the chill from reaching  their bodies.

The shortest days are here, it’s winter. It’s all caused by that Northern hemisphere tilting itself towards the Sun trying to capture more than its share of the warmth. June is reasonable but July is the coldest month.

The hours of oblique sunlight bring out words like gloominess, dimness, shade, dreariness, murkiness and we become pessimistic, unhappy, despondent and dejected. Well not me I’ve joined the Cloud Appreciation Society and we don’t need blue skies to be happy. I’ve also launched my daytime version of the Sky Watchers Club. I won’t be letting this winter take away my cheerfulness.


(c) 2009 simple and easy information