We continue through the lush green alpine valley from Villard-de-Lans, St Julien, St Martin and Chapelle-en-Vercors and finally arrive at the car park of Col du Rousset. In winter this is a very popular ski resort.

The view from the top is spectacular. As you can see the descent down the southern side of the Col du Rousset snakes down to the base some 800 metres below where the lavender fields thrive in the drier Mediterranean climate. Sometimes I wish I was a motor  bike.



Of course we don’t know exactly where we are but we know it’s somewhere in the Vercors regional natural park past St Agnan en Vercors but before Col de Rousset.

This is the life we love. All we have is the sky above and the road below.

We arrive at this small valley, a dell of wild-flowers, with trees and grass growing in it and decide to have a picnic in the park.

We rest for lunch by this small stream and watch the golden hue of the water pools fill and then overflow.

The stream runs off, bubbling and cool and soon is beyond my gaze tumbling down towards the valley and onwards to the lakes and ultimately the sea.

I see the sun light through the moving leaves, and now and then it touches and warms the river stones.

Time for the Volley boys to have a rest after lunch.


It was late May, we were somewhere on the edge of a wide expanse of alpine meadows that were flanked by sun-baked hills where the gentle slopes stretch up to cliffs and mountains of incredible beauty.

We pull over, jumped out of the car and meet with nature.

We lay down in the fields and it was here that the astonishing feeling of joy, happiness and freedom began to take hold.

We could breathe the fresh air, we could feel the warmth of the sun, we knew we were about to become enchanted by the Vercors regional natural park.


We arrive in Villard de Lans about 30km from Grenoble. It’s both a summer holiday resort and a winter sports center with magnificent views and great skiing.

But we are not here for the holiday, we are here for the beginning of our adventure drive through the western plateaus of the Vercors regional natural park.


Well we made it to Grenoble and are staying at the Novotel Nord Voreppe on the outskirts of Grenoble, between Vercors and Chartreuse.

The Novotel is a basic 3 star comfortable hotel but the funny thing is that when we were booking in a couple ahead of us with their pet dog asked for the best room rates. The attendant advised that it would be 90.00 € for the room for the couple and an extra 11.00 € for the dog (pets are allowed to stay in hotel rooms in France)

When it was our turn to book the room rate was also 90.00 € for the two girls and 11.00 € extra for the third person, (that’s me) the same rate as for the dog. I didn’t know how to take that and stayed up all night licking and scratching.

The view of the massif, as seen from the room, gives some sign of the mountains and plateaus that are in this area.


It is a moment of magic as a rainbow narrowly misses hitting me as it strikes the nearby hillside. We are out on the terrace of the Landgasthof Tannler which, although a little overpriced, is a nice place to stay.

The interesting thing is that the owners of this family business are descendants of the climber Tannler. Way back in 1904 the  first ascent of the Mont Blanc on skis via the classic route , was by Ugo Mylius with Oberland guides: Tannler, Maurer and Zurfluh.

The family is very proud of this achievement  and we enjoyed great conversations about life generally and about living in the  mountains.


We make our way down the green jagged slopes of the Sustenpass and look back at the mountains that are still draped by the late spring snow.

Driving through the Gadmen Valley  and past the Stein Glacier, the road curves down, on the Bernese Oberland side of the Susten Pass, to the village of Gadmen.

We mingle with the cows as we glide through the Swiss countryside heading for Innertkirchen.

We continue on to the small village of Wyler population – not known – according to places in the world .com. It turns out places in the world . com is correct because no one in Wyler knew me either.

The B& B, Landgasthof Tannler  is where we chose to snuggle up for the night wrapped  in the  beautiful landscape that surrounds us.