I  just noticed a flash of colour, bright yellow. Daffodil yellow.

These little flowers of friendship have sprung up under the protection of the silver birch trees in the area where the stream bubbles by the house.


They are so beautiful among the greenest grass that has been seen for years thriving in the constant rain and sunshine weather cycle that is prevalent at this time of the year.

The gusty winds give them energy and they dance with joy against the backdrop of the blue sky.




IMG_5155 a

He was there one minute and then he was gone. I knew it would come to this sooner or later. Larry has run away from home.

IMG_5156 b

He was sitting on the bench and the moment I turned my back, like a lizard he slithered over the balcony and ran off down the street.

IMG_5163 d

There he is down there.

IMG_5162 e

I followed him to the bus stop and the poor bugger thought he was catching a bus to Miranda Fair Shopping Centre but unfortunately this route will take him to the Flemington Markets and that’s not going to be much chop for a poor old lettuce.

IMG_5161 h

We sat together for a while but didn’t say much . He was so unhappy. I promised to take him seriously and I let him know I was worried.

I asked what was upsetting him.  Apparently he feels he’s being bullied by some of the other foods in the kitchen. The other day the Bacon asked the Tomato

“What is a Honeymoon Salad?”

“I don’t know” replied the Tomato

“Lettuce alone, with no dressing!” said the Bacon and they both started laughing and Larry found this really hurtful.

I walked him back to the unit and with the tomato and the Bacon present we all had a discussion. They didn’t realize that they were being cruel. Eventually there were smiles all around and Larry even had a few jokes of his own.

“Why did the tomato go out with a prune?” He asked

“Because he couldn’t find a date!” was his answer.

We all politely laughed. But his best was this one.

A man goes to the Doctor with a piece of lettuce hanging out of his ear. “That looks nasty,” says the doctor. “Nasty?” replies the man, “this is just the tip of the iceberg!”

IMG_5155 a

I think that following our little happiness session things are better in the kitchen. We have found our flow and Larry is content to sit in the sun out on the balcony.




Hundreds of visitors ambled through the tranquil beauty of the country gardens of Crookwell this weekend, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.

Having access to the  gardens was one thing but to be able to engage with the owners and creators was an added enrichment. There were eleven gardens open for inspection.

a splash of colour

My friends, Jan Pont and Marg Anderson,  owners of ‘Casa della Pace’ opened their garden and it was a joy to explore their creation.

An entrance gate leads from a stone-walled courtyard to the landscaped gardens.  A burst of colour greets you as the bulbs and perennials vie for your attention.

the tin flower

The next display to catch my attention was this stunningly breathtaking carpet of colour complete with the most exquisite whimsical ornamental bird.


Perennials are scattered about the garden adding splashes of colour.


The path takes you through the orchard and beneath the wisteria walk.


side of house

The locally sourced red basalt stone walls and path borders are a unique feature.

somewhere to sit

There is also an elegant garden room where you can relax.

The oval-shaped lawn at the lower level is surrounded by salvias, roses, valerian and native plants, providing colour, fragrance and nectar for the many birds that visit the garden.

Accommodation is available at ‘Casa della Pace’


GHFF.Front Cover

This is the front cover of the 2016 Grey-headed flying-fox calendar.  It’s spectacular, in fact the calendar is full of stunning images.

The photo is by Ofer Levy  taken in Parramatta Park and is one of the best  shots of the Bat in flight.

We are raising funds to aid with the research of Australasian Bats. If you would like to  help the cause click over to Pipeline Calendars. ($5 from every sale goes to the research effort.)

ofer levy at work

Ofer Levy working. Picture: Cameron Richardson


SEAN B FRASER the Dolls Point Blogger

The Giant's Sandwich The Giant’s Sandwich

Rock Sandwich Rock Sandwich

Some say the ice age left the shoreline looking like this, others say a tsunami over sixty metres in height washed over the headlands, but I believe a rock eating giant dropped his rock sandwiches as he was picnicking on the beach.

Mermaid's Inlet Mermaid’s Inlet

We are headed to Mermaid Inlet on the Beecroft Peninsula which is situated on the northern half of Jervis Bay. The southern point of Beecroft Peninsula is Point Perpendicular which sticks out into the Pacific Ocean and at the north western corner is the village of Currarong. It is from here that we set off on our bush walk.

Off we go Off we go

The shade of the trees The shade of the trees

coastal heath coastal heath

We walked through the sun and the breeze and got relief in the shade of the magnificent trees. Most of the walk passes through what I’d call coastal heath with areas of wildflowers.

Head hunter territory Head hunter territory

A head hunter A head…

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drinking bat

Photo by Ofer Levy

To drink, flying-foxes swoop down and dip their belly in the water. They then fly back to a tree and lick the water from their belly fur. I’m just excited and fascinated by the diversity of Australian wildlife.

We know they’re not really foxes but apparently when first discovered by Europeans it was thought their faces looked like the face of a fox and this is confusing because they are no relation to foxes at all.

We at Pipeline Calendars are pleased to have the opportunity to help raise funds for the research and conservation of Australasian bats. We decided to give a helping hand by producing a calendar which traces the year in the life of a Grey-headed flying-fox. It’s full of great information, fantastic photographs, a giant poster and fun things for the kids to do.

If you would like to help our cause click on over to the Pipeline web site and buy your copy of the 2016 Grey-headed flying-fox calendar. $5 from every sale goes to research.

A few of the things we learnt about flying foxes.

  • they are not foxes.
  • a bat is a flying mammal, not a bird.
  • they do not use sound, or, echolocation to find their way around.
  • they have excellent eyesight like ours in daylight they see better than we do at night.
  • they do not suck blood.


full scale flower power

I woke up this morning to see these “flower power” guys protesting out on my deck. One of them was yelling “we know where you live” Apparently they didn’t like my last blog about their new-found friend Larry.

I didn’t know weeds had access to the internet, must be those little webs hidden in among their leaves. I’m going to find their spokesleafperson and give him a spray.

Cowards. They’ve sprinted off.

I’m giving in. It’s back to eating meat with chips

ring ring ring.

It’s my phone

“who’s that?” I ask.

“The Potato Union.”

” How did you get my number?”

“We heard it on the vine.”

“Are you with these guys?”

“No we’re a different branch.”

“Ok I’ll forget the chips. I’ll have a Vegemite sandwich instead.”