In this work, titled ‘’The Road’’ the artist has adopted a role of authority giving us the perspective of the driver who, although not seen, is in control of the direction in which we are travelling. The road dominates the entire scene almost merging with the sky but at the last moment it veers left.

The landscape is unpopulated and the elements of the composition are verging on geometric. The light pastel grey of the road is in contrast with the darker form of the tree to the left and the hills in the distance which form a flattened simplified treescape. By limiting the colours to grey, greens and blues the gravity and the grandeur of the landscape is emphasised.

 Both movement and stillness is captured and we are caught between the apparent stillness of the outside world and the speeding forward motion of the vehicle. A hint of the vehicle’s hood and dashboard can be seen in the lower foreground of the work. This presence of movement is further echoed in the voluminous forms of the cumulus clouds that loom in the background

There is a sense of ritual in this work which is profane as it represents a metaphor for the journey we all take down the highway of life. We can almost feel the gravitational pull towards our destiny. The impending human drama that would occur if we exchanged the safety and comfort of our journey inside the car for the perceived tranquillity of the great outdoors is all too obvious.

Yes I know I got carried away and it’s just a photo of the highway I took yesterday as I was driving down to Canberra to visit the National Gallery to see the masterpieces from Paris. But when you’re about to see Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat, Denis, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vuillard and Monet you need to sound as if you know what you’re talking about. So I have used the edit facility to create my own Impressionist Masterpiece. 

I had a fantastic time and spent over two hours viewing the 112 works by some of the best known Post-Impressionist artists. After the viewing I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Starry Nights’ concert where the Clare Bowditch Trio performed.

I had Red Duck curry and rice for dinner and a few Beck’s German beers. As part of the adventure I decided to sleep in the car. It rained a little and turned out to be a bit cold, about 10 celsius, but great fun. It’s 5.46 AM and I’ve just arrived home so I’m off to catch a few hours sleep.



cloud tears 


Rain Rain go away

Rain is liquid

Rain is wet

Rain is never dry

Rain was an ocean, a river or a stream

Rain can wreck a perfectly good dream.

Tears Tears go away

Tears are liquid

Tears are wet

Tears are never dry

Tears are emotions, sorrow or elation

Tears can wreck a perfectly good dream.

Rain and tears are not the same

Even if they are not the same I feel better after both

So maybe I’ll stand out in the rain and cry

Then I’ll really feel happy.


Here is my poem about tears,s it is inspired by yours  in the blog.


Tears form in my eyes

They well up and overflow

They roll down my cheeks

Like fat raindrops

They have a story to tell

They say many things

They say “I’m happy”

They say “I’m sad”

They say “I’m laughing til I cry”

They say “I’m afraid”

Joy Sorrow Laughter and Fear

These are the stories behind my tears


Submitted by Daisy Chain




Have you recently taken any beautiful pictures?

I took this photo of the beach rainbow with my mobile phone which is a 2 year old Nokia N95. Over 95% of the pictures on my blog are taken with my phone. 

If you have any beautiful pictures of the earth, mountains, trees, rivers, beaches, oceans, sky, clouds or stars or any combination thereof and would like to share them with others please feel free to send them to me for inclusion in the earth gallery or the sky arcade.

Whatever the weather, whatever your mood take a picture of the world around you and post it on the blog. By doing this you can include us in your conversation and relationship with the earth. We would love to hear from you and join your universe.