A few minutes off for a coffee break. The sun and the sea, gentle waves play with the sand as the seagull splashes and frolics away. I love the beach and the salty air.


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The combination of a scenic coastline, striking sea cliffs, golden beaches and undulating velvet green countryside is what makes Werri Beach a beautiful coastal village. I stopped there for a coffee  last weekend on my way to Berry and revisited my memories of summer at the beach as a child some fifty years ago. Werri Beach on the New South Wales south coast is just the kind of place you could spend the rest of your life.

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It looks quiet now but when the local markets are on hunting for treasure is all the go. You can then follow a busy morning shopping with a visit to the two local vineyards which produce award-winning wines. The next event will be on Saturday December 19th 2009 with the annual Street Parade and December markets.

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Most Australian families love the warm weather so in the summer months they flock to the pristine beaches to enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing or just relaxing in the restaurants and cafés. The beach which is a little slice of paradise lies within the Gerringong area and with engaging local names such as Mount Pleasant, Foxground, Rose Valley, Willow Vale and Seven Mile Beach you’ll just want to go exploring.


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It may be far-fetched but paying attention to the things around me such as the natural world, a smile, my morning coffee really makes me feel better.

This morning I was at the shore of the bay to welcome these small waves at their journey’s end. They were little, playful and apologetic making sure I didn’t mistake them as a Tsunami.

Some people say it can be the little things that make all the difference. I hope they’re correct. I wouldn’t want to have wasted my time being happy about things that don’t count. Wait there, at least I’m happy.

This philosophical thinking thing is starting to get complicated.