Bulli Rock Pool

Bulli Rock Pool

When the weather is wild the power of the ocean sends tons of watery waves crashing into the rock pools. It’s a great time to jump in and be thrown about by the foamy walls of water as they break over the sides of the pool.

The coastline of NSW has about 100 rock pools where you can take a swim. One of my favourite ocean pools is the Bulli pool, located at Waniora Point, Bulli, in Wollongong’s northern suburbs.

I had breakfast at the café above the pool last weekend just after sunrise and caught it at a picturesque softer moment.

A softer moment

A softer moment

I understand that the current pool was constructed in 1938, and is on a flat rock platform adjacent to an earlier, much smaller, tidal rock pool which had been cut out of a nearby rock outcrop known as Floyd’s Rocks.

The Floyd’s Rocks pool was constructed in 1903 just after the move to mixed bathing. It’s hard to imagine that until 1902 it was illegal to swim in the surf in daylight hours. How times have changed.



I was first at the Bay today to catch the early morning light even before the birds begin to appear. The sun whispers from over the horizon and then disappears behind the clouds admitting no more pink light to the sky.

I watch my reflection on the water and become aware of the gentle waves making sounds like subtle music that can almost not be heard. I love splashing around in water simply for the fun of it.

I thought I saw an angel playing in the sand jumping across the little water bridges that form between each grain. It was just a memory of a small child’s footprints, shovel and bucket used in the construction of holes and sand castles that came to mind. When ever I see sand angels something good happens.



It’s early and I am breathing, living and thinking and when I am an onlooker to a sunrise like the one I saw this morning I have that moment where I get an understanding of my cherished relationship with the universe. 

I watch the apparent motion of the sun across the sky and contemplate where it will be in one minute. I have just experienced the passing of time in which an expected event passes from the future to the present to the past.

I have watched time go by. Time consumes my life, I wonder who invented it. At a suitable moment I realise I know it’s “time to go” and I hope that will always be the case.


sunrise 1 7 sept

Life requires some level of faith in the inner workings of the world. Proof is not always available to support belief but I think that it is reasonable to accept as probable that the sun will rise each day.


I have been on earth for 22,456 sunrises but I find it difficult to remember one as good as this one.


I know it is idle to wonder how long I’ll live but on the basis of indirect evidence I have faith that I will be here tomorrow and therefore tomorrow’s sunrise could well be the best one I ever see.


As for the rest of my future life I am sincere when I say that I believe it to be more than a vague likelihood that I will see another 5000+ sunrises.





I have spent my first evening back in the “Great City” after being under the effect of images, colours and emotions summoned up by the calm and peaceful time I had up north.

I am not truly thinking but am letting myself be wrapped in the flame coloured coastal sunrise that smoldered just enough to spark a fire within.