Imagine life without chocolate. Forrest Gump’s mum said life is all about a box of chocolates and now it has been proven to be true

Those pesky Eastern Europeans have now used their ransomware to take control of the Cadbury chocolate factory in Tasmania, Australia.

The company has been forced to shut down their systems after being hit by ransomware. In mid-May 300,000 computers were hit by the virus known as WannaCry ransomware.

This attack appears similar this time taking out servers at Russia’s biggest oil company, disrupting operations at Ukrainian banks and shutting down computers at multinational shipping and advertising firms.

When you’re attacked this is what you see.

“If you see this text then your files are no longer accessible, because they have been encrypted,” the message reads.
“Perhaps you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but don’t waste your time.”
“Please follow the instructions: 1. Send $300 worth of Bitcoin to following address: 1Mz7153HMuxXTur2Rit78mGSdzaAtNbBWX.
“2. Send your Bitcoin wallet ID and personal installation key to e-mail
“If you already purchased your key, please enter it below.”

These ransomware guys are so polite and offer better customer support than most IT companies.

Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared cyber security “the new frontier of warfare.” No, Mister Prime Minister, it’s worse than that. When people from the other side of the world shut down the chocolate factory it’s a real Willy Wonka moment.

If you suffer a chocolate factory “cyber-attack” who do you call? I don’t know his name but I know he’s a Chocoholics Anonymous dropout, he never eats more chocolate than he can lift and his mantra is ‘Money talks but Chocolate sings!’ His weapon of choice, chocolate bullets

He is the Souperhero known as Chocolatier. And he’s the one you call.

He recently said “I’m not in it for the money like those ransom criminals ….but simply put..… everyone has a price, mine is chocolate!

His wife confided in me that she liked her men like her chocolate RICH! Well maybe her RICH male friends can take up a collection and free our chocolate forever.

The Chocolatier’s advice.

Before you open any attachment or click on links:

Check the sender’s address; avoid email overseas, e-mail addresses or domain names not known to you. Keep in mind, your friends or associate’s computer might have been infected with a virus and their e-mail may not be safe.
Check the subject; learn to recognise emails with no subject or keywords that are out of place.
Read the email; look for anything unusual.
Beware of any web links request sign-in with your username and password; Before open any web links, check the URL or web address, for example if you get an email from Ticketek, AGL, Australia Post, Commonwealth Bank…etc. But the link or URL indicates it may take you to another website then do not go there nor supply your login details.

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best chocolate


Ramsgate is a modest bayside suburb and wonderfully so. The newspaper shop, real estate agent and $2 shop are lost against the late evening skyline. Bar Amalfi sits comfortably amidst the other small businesses where its owner Chris champions modern ideas in relation to sandwiches, lunch dishes and drinks.

The ambience and overflowing friendship is so good at Amalfi there is no need to show off with grand or fancy affectation. Customer’s voices rise above the contemporary music in the background while the nude art on the walls reflect the café’s temperament. It is a place of well tuned humility.

On the weekends customers like modern day pilgrims line up on the footpath awaiting their chance to occupy a seat in this temple to partake in the spirit of caffeine.

I have to admit what really sets this little Bar apart for me is the hot chocolate drink adorned with hot chocolate art.

Just look at this masterpiece by Chris pictured above. The circular web-like lines look imposingly regular, their near-symmetry earned the hard way with years of training. A small flick of gold colour here and there just balances the large white space in between the deep chocolate brown lines.

There is no confusion in Chris’s design. One must ask, are his offerings influenced by the Cubism of Picasso and Braque, because it is clear that the delicacy of his lines resembles nothing that Picasso ever painted.

As with all good art it is the corners where the image is diffused and this is also true when it comes to Chris’s masterwork. As you slurp the delicious hot chocolate ART drink, the corners of the work are the first to drop their shape. It is at this point that ordinary things and abstract forms, for a moment float, and are suspended for deliberation.

Taking this all in makes me hold my breath and the other customers watching me feel the same.

Chris clearly has outdone himself.

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