drinking bat

Photo by Ofer Levy

To drink, flying-foxes swoop down and dip their belly in the water. They then fly back to a tree and lick the water from their belly fur. I’m just excited and fascinated by the diversity of Australian wildlife.

We know they’re not really foxes but apparently when first discovered by Europeans it was thought their faces looked like the face of a fox and this is confusing because they are no relation to foxes at all.

We at Pipeline Calendars are pleased to have the opportunity to help raise funds for the research and conservation of Australasian bats. We decided to give a helping hand by producing a calendar which traces the year in the life of a Grey-headed flying-fox. It’s full of great information, fantastic photographs, a giant poster and fun things for the kids to do.

If you would like to help our cause click on over to the Pipeline web site and buy your copy of the 2016 Grey-headed flying-fox calendar. $5 from every sale goes to research.

A few of the things we learnt about flying foxes.

  • they are not foxes.
  • a bat is a flying mammal, not a bird.
  • they do not use sound, or, echolocation to find their way around.
  • they have excellent eyesight like ours in daylight they see better than we do at night.
  • they do not suck blood.

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